Futurism 1910-1915. The birth of the avant-garde – Padova, Palazzo Zabarella

From October 1st 2022 to February26th 2023, Palazzo Zabarella in Padua hosts “Futurism 1910-1915”, an exhibition dedicated to the first five years of the avant-garde. With this event, the curators Fabio Benzi, Francesco Leone, Fernando Mazzocca intend to offer a new and original vision of the movement, focusing on a precise period, the one that [...]

ANDY WARHOL. Pop Icon – Padova, Centro Culturale Altinate San Gaetano

From September 30th 2022, to January 29th 2023, the exhibition proposed for the Altinate Center in Padua intends to investigate the poetics of the genius of Pop Art, focusing on its representation of American society and culture. In his corpus of works, the brands that populated the advertising imagery widespread in the United States between [...]

Padova Urbs Picta

The city of Padua enters the Unesco World Heritage List for the second time. The first time was in 1997 with the Botanical Garden, located in the historic centre of the city, founded in 1545 and the oldest in the world. Now Padua enters for the second time in the history of the heritage of [...]


The museum of ancient thermalism and the territory finally opens its doors! To discover the secrets of thermalism, the myth, the hidden roots of the Euganean territory and much more to reconstruct the history of what was one of the most flourishing areas of architectural works in Roman times. With interactive maps, multimedia installations, the [...]