I MACCHIAIOLI. Masterpieces of the rising Italy – Padova, Palazzo Zabarella – 24.10.2020/18.04.2021

What does Macchiaiolo mean? Macchiaiolo is synonymous with “life”; that life which is the very force of love which pervades everything and which contrasts death, radiating everywhere the light of Being, a world whose essence tells of the values of man, heroic and tireless, of his strength and his courage, of his desire to leave day after day in spite of any difficulty. The Macchiaioli already in the 19th century were able to see beyond, their deep and human feeling is the exaltation of every single moment of daily life. They anticipated Monet, Van Gogh, Gauguin, in their way of representing and exalting the human relationship in all its real value, in all its “heroism”.

I MACCHIAIOLI. Masterpieces of the rising Italy. Palazzo Zabarella, Via degli Zabarella 14 – Padova
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