Mud Pack therapy

At Hotel Garden Terme we use only mature mud FANGO D.O.C.® e FEEE® (Fango Eutrofico Eudermico Euganeo) for the mud pack therapy, regularly tested and controlled by the University of Padua. This natural mud pack is unique in the world because of one microalga, denominated ETS 05, which grows only in the Euganean spa basin and has anti-inflammatory properties on the musculoskeletal system to heal pathologies like:



-extra-articular rheumatism.

Hotel Garden Terme is classified by the National Italian Health System as Thermal Spa with the highest evaluation level (1°superior).

The mud pack formulas include: medical check to undergo treatments and medical check-up during the treatments, mud pack therapy, cleansing shower, thermal ozone bath, reaction massage 25 min. in th20111e spa area, hire of bathrobe for the spa, specific mineral drink.


With special massage in the cabin, 25’ € 342,00 € 403,00 € 525,00 € 647,00 € 769,00


Right for practitioner Doctors in those branches of medicine related to problems that can be treated in the Euganean spa basin, a discount of 50 % is offered for the mud pack therapies (by testing the therapeutic benefits personally, they can better advise their patients).