Memon®, our responsibility towards mankind, nature and the environment
Health is our most important asset. However, new technological developments alter our environment and therefore our body is subjected to stress and electromagnetic pollution.
Leading a full and active life is important to give the body a chance to regenerate and rest: this has been our family’s desire since many years.
Researching appropriate measures, we discovered an environmental technology which can deliver the tap water, ambient air, electromagnetic and terrestrial radiations from harmful elements and create an oasis of regeneration.
So it was obvious for us to offer this environmental technology to all our guests and we are therefore committed to ensure that all our property is free from environmental loads of energy potentially unfavourable to your health.

Your well-being is our priority
The development and technological advancement influence the well-being and life quality of all of us. Whether it be power lines, transmission masts or geopathic earth rays, there is virtually no place free from disturbing influences.
In our Hotel you are protected from these influences. Enjoy your stay and let yourself be enchanted by the natural atmosphere. Often, it is the little things that count to make us feeling good.
Do you feel the air in our establishment is different, fresher, cleaner? Do you notice that it is easier to breathe? Can you feel the softness and vitality of our water? Do you sleep deeply and restoratively? Then you have already experienced the wonderful effects of our memon® environmental technology for yourself.

Electromagnetic pollution
Surrounded by electric cables and equipment, we are permanently encased in electromagnetic stress fields, which affect our health and our well-being. However, today we know that it is more the information connected with these measurable fields than the fields themselves which influence the body’s own electrical impulses that control our body functions.
The memon® environmental technology does not remove these stress fields, but it can change the energetic properties and in this way delete the pathogenic information. You have less stress, you sleep deeply and restful, and you feel more fresh and vital.

Memon®: the nature re-harmonised
Memon® technology allows you to use modern technology without the negative effects of electromagnetic pollution, improving water quality and reducing particulate matter in the air.
Behind this technology “Made in Bavaria” there are years of research and development, and people who work with full conviction to the sustainability of natural resources.
The memon® environmental technology ensures that a natural living environment is constantly maintained, for more vitality and joy for life.