Beauty Center

Beauty that is felt and seen. The passion, the skills, the continuous research of new methods and the use of natural products, by this time distinguish us, enriching our offer with even more professionalism and knowledge, to offer you unmistakable and modulated paths, that satisfy both the efficacy and wellbeing needs. We are pleased to accompany you to their discovery.

Face and body treatments with thermal water and mud by HOTEL GARDEN TERME, and with coloured clays by ABANOSPA® – THERMAL5COLOURS®.
From a thousand-year-old tradition and from ABANOSPA® ‘s most advanced aesthetic scientific researches, Thermal5Colours® has been created. 5 products made with natural extracts, born from the uniqueness of the Terme Euganean Spa mud, and enriched with the flavours from Natural Park of the Euganean Hills.

Micro-scrub, Body Slim, Body Tonic, Anti-Age, Protection, Anti-Age Intensive.
Thermal water and mud, and coloured clay treatments THERMAL5COLOURS® fulfils expectations as a dedicated product. It is wellbeing in colours! Each coloured clay type offers an individual technique, providing a personalised goal and application. It has a distinct place of origin, the Euganean Thermal Spas. It is the result of accurate research regarding aromatherapy and contains exclusive active ingredients: ETS05 – ETS 03 – ETS 08, which combined with Euganean thermal water create the perfect mix of feeling healthy and beautiful.

You can find the 5 unique and certified coloured clay compounds at the Hotel Garden Beauty Center where you can test them during a personalized beauty program.
– White (detoxifying): This “Star dust” delicately removes dead cells from the skin, restoring a healthy glow. It is perfumed with myrrh.
– Yellow (draining): Yellow clay has an important effect on the appearance of the skin, making it healthy, soft and smooth. It is perfumed with figs.
– Green (body tonic): Green clay is highly invigorating and soothing. It has a decongesting effect due to the functional substances of ETS05 algae. It is perfumed with coriander.
– Red (anti-âge): Red clay is enriched with a natural concentrate of red wines Vignalta® from the Euganean Hills, improves microcirculation, stimulates serotonin release and slows down the signs of ageing with its antioxidant properties with a toning effect. It is perfumed with grapes.
– Blu (intensive anti-aging): Blue clay, containing ETS03 algae, helps to counteract the effects of aging on the skin. It is perfumed with orange blossom.

VITALIS ® Team Dr. Joseph – Body and Face Treatments
A combination of alpine tradition and proven techniques of ancient cultures to bring body and mind in balance. Vibrations increase metabolic function and prevent problems such as cellulite, tension or stretch marks from even arising.
– Body Treatments VITALIS® Massage Resonanz: Dorsalis, Abdomen and Cellulite ECOBIO cosmetics. Toning body treatments, with reducing and firming action to find the right wellness
– Face Treatments VITALIS® – High-tech natural cosmetics. Treating specific facial treatments, lifting fighting the signs of aging, and allowing the skin to regain tone and brightness.