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Classical Massage (European)
Classical Massage works deep into the tissues; skin, myofascia, muscles, and ligaments. When used in conjunction with remedial sports massage and vertebral column manipulation one can find a true awareness of their own body.
Ayurvedic Massage
Originating in the South West region of India 4500 years ago, this style of massage is performed using particular oils choosen considering the ailment of the client.
Thai massage
An antalgic massage which stimulates lymphatic drainage and gives harmony to the muscular and nervous systems.
Californian Massage
A relaxing massage answering the need for tenderness, to help combat life’s difficulties and feelings of loneliness, this technique uses full continuous and nuturing movement. It can be considered the basic anatomic massage,harmonizing and renjuvinating the body.
General massage with essential oils
Its action is directed to the smooth tissues: skin, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It uses the 3 classic phases of the massage. Warming up, maipulation, friction, improving blood circulation and toning the muscles. Improves articulation and stimuates relaxation of the body due with the effects of aromatherapy oils.
Anticellulite liposculpture massage
This massage stimulates blood circulation, drainage of lymph and tones the tissues.
Sports toning massage
This massage increases the tone of the muscle to prepare them for sporting activities. If carried out after the activity, it helps to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid. In both cases, it optimizes the articular activity.
Lymphatic Drainage massage in thermal water
This extremely relaxing maggage is carried out in thermal water, and is based on the fundamental principles of lymphatic drainage, treating specific zones of the body such as the vertebral column and lower back.
Using precise pressure, shiatsu works on the meridians or energetic flow. The quantity of pressure is always constant, static and strong. It is this slow static execution, that allows an action not only on the body but also on the mind of the recipient, allowing a connection with a deeper energetic level.
Cranio-Sacral Treatment with the Dr. Upleger method
The therapist performs the massage by listening with the hands to the craniosacral rythms, a slight movement palpated between the cranial plates, providing information on the persons state of health. Working on particulary sensitive points of the head and vertebral column, allows a relaxation of the contractures and an improvement of rythm by bringing fresh lymph to a particular area of the body, which has been starved of energetic circulation.
Chinese Plantar Reflexology
Our feet are like a mirror, reflecting every zone of the body at defined points, specific correspondance paths through which we have the possibility to affect a range of pathologies by a reflex action
Stone Therapy
A beneficial action directly on the body through 54 hot volcanic stones and 18 cold stones such as marble. Some therapists suggest it for people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, as it assists circualtion, tones and eliminates toxins.
Lymphatic drainage (Vodder method)
A massage which encourages the circualtion of stagnant or slow moving lymph in the direction of the lymph nodes to allow for cleansing. It can be applied as a preventitive and solution to many beauty flaws, such as oedemas. We strongly suggest the anti-cellulite lyposculpture.