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14 overnight stays incl. full board
from   2.292,00 € per person

Physical rehabilitation with program “Rehabilitation Plus”.

14 nights full board from € 2.292.00 per person with stay in a Comfort Double Room

  • plus specialist visit to our physiatrist and respective check-up
  • 5 mud therapies with FANGO DOC®*
  • 5 individual physiotherapies*
  • 5 individual hydrokinesitherapies in the thermal pool*

 * Example of protocol with treatments to be personalized after the physiatric visit; upon request, in addition to the medical prescription, the protocol can be integrated with active and/or passive gymnastics sessions as well as innovative T.E.C.A.R. electrotherapy (Capacitive and resistive energy transfer).

14 overnight stays
incl. full board
Hotel Garden Spa
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35036 Montegrotto Terme // Italy
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